About BTR

Curt Winter, owner of BTRmoto, has been in the motorcycle industry for many years. Building custom bikes for some of the industries biggest names for show and competition. For the past few years most of the work  has been focused on bikes for hillclimbing, what started out as a part time hobby has turned into a full time business, building parts and bikes for racers from coast to coast, and Europe as well.

A History of Success

Curt started building custom bikes back in the early 90s. His jump start in the industry revolved around one of his customs that caught the eyes of some high-end builders and mainstream manufacturers. It was the first variation of the Big Twin Racer (BTR). Curt was then invited to meet Eric Buell and attend a Buell-only event by Buell magazine editor Reg Cartel, after he took a few pics of Curt's bike at a local bike run just one week earlier. Curt obliged, meet Eric Buell and ended up taking home 1st place in all three categories as well as competing in a road course competition against the light and nimble Buells.

The next big notch in his building career was when he was asked to build pre-production designs for Arlen Ness, building several magazine cover bikes as well as bikes seen on Discovery Channel's Biker Build Off series.

Aside from building, Curt has been racing since he was a kid, making his way through the MX ranks as well as Cross-Country and the occasional dessert race, off-roading is what he enjoys doing the most, so when he had the chance to enter a hillclimb at his local riding park (Carnegie) he jumped on it. He entered the 700cc class on his Honda CR500 and couldn't help but notice how cool the open class bikes were, and at that moment, he decided to build one. He started with an old Kawasaki KZ1000 motor that had been sitting in his shop, since a friend gave it to him nearly 10 years ago. He only had three weeks until the next event so he had to turn it out quick. He fired it on a Friday night and took it to the event the next morning. Never getting a chance to ride it meant he had no idea how it was going to work. It worked pretty good for an un-tested bike and he got himself a 3rd place finish. That was back in 2007, and BTR has now evolved into hillclimb bike central. Offering everything needed to compete in the sport. He now competes on a nitro Harley and hits as many NAHA and local hillclimbs as he can.

Traveling with his wife and kids, and BTR teammate Jamie Perry, Curt says it doesn't get any better than this.

Leading by Competing!

Racing and competing allows Curt to know what is needed and what works. From bike geometry to the industries most commonly used parts and suppliers.

Curt competes regularily all over the United States. He gathers information, not only from his own experience but also from the feedback from his competition. This gives him a unique and special insight that fuels his creative process and sets him apart form the rest.



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