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BTRmoto is your one stop shop for everything motorcycle related. Chassis componets, suspension parts and tuning, Hilborn fuel injection systems, wheels, tires and controls. We also sell a full line on and off road gear and apperal.

Our Specialty

The backbone of what we do consists of getting your bike "right" for you. Wether we need to fabricate specialty parts, service the existing parts or create an entirly new machine, we can get it done for you.

Through four decates of riding and 30 years of custom fabricating & service experience, BTR has the knowledge and experience to satisify all of your motorcycle needs and fulfill your wildest mechanical dreams.

Dream It...

BTR founder Curt Winter is not only an accomplished mechanic, he is recognized as a creative force within the motorcycle world. Curt has received numerous awards and accolades for his creations and designs. His combination of mechanical skills and creativity are truly rare. That being said, Curt can take you all the way from concept to creation with whatever project you have in mind.

In Demand

Working with Arlen Ness, Curt designed and fabricated the frame for the bike in the below image.
Read more on the About page "A History of Success".


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